Older Adult House Calls Nurse Practitioner Cassidy Abrahamson stands next to the program’s second vehicle.


We are pleased to report that York Hospital recently received a generous grant from the Huntington Common Charitable Fund, enabling us to lease a second car in 2021 to be used by our Older Adult House Calls Program. This addition effectively doubles the number of provider visits that can be made through the program to housebound older patients in York County.

From March to October 2019, a total of 312 Older Adult house calls were conducted. After the pandemic arrived in southern Maine in March of 2020, York Hospital saw requests for House Calls immediately jump more than 50% as older, sicker patients became wary of leaving their homes due to concerns about the virus. From March to October of 2020, 604 House Calls were made, with September 2020 charting 119 home visits (compared to 27 visits in September of 2019). To meet community demand, York Hospital hired an additional medical provider, Nurse Practitioner Cassidy Abrahamson, to deliver quality care to patients through the House Calls program, which introduced a significant logistical challenge due to having only one vehicle. The addition of a second House Calls vehicle has a huge positive impact on York Hospital’s ability to meet the demand to deliver care in patient homes while safety and the uncertainties of the pandemic remain of utmost concern for our patients.

Our deepest gratitude and thanks to Kennebunk Savings and the Huntington Common Charitable Fund for making this grant possible and helping York Hospital care for our community, especially during this ongoing time of crisis.

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